Thursday, September 16, 2010

1930s Mickey Mouse Tea Set

The yard sale and outdoor antique show season is almost over in my part of the world, where the temperatures are already dropping into the 40s (Farenheit) at night. But last weekend I gathered up my spare change, braved the weather, and saled away, finding great bargains like the mod Barbie clothes and Flagg dollhouse dolls mentioned in the previous two posts.

I had decided to pack it in and head home, as the weather was turning decidedly blustery, when I spotted a final sale. It didn't look like much, but I thought I spotted the gleam of vintage lustrewear. I decided to check, and good thing too, because tucked away in a corner of a table was part of a 1930s Mickey Mouse children's tea set, Made in Japan, in the rarer blue lustre variation (when found, these pieces are usually in gold lustre.) Even though it's just a partial set, it's a treasure: one of the earliest licensed Mickey Mouse items ever made!

The find included a little creamer, four saucers, and two plates. For a sense of scale, the largest plates measure about 3 1/4 inches in diameter.

Mickey and Minnie on a nautical outing decorate
a saucer and the creamer.

An artist Mickey features in the center of a plate.

Mickey presents Minnie with a white rabbit, presumably pulled
from a magic hat, on this tiny saucer.

Mickey waters some flowers. He's probably going to give them
to Minnie later.

My favorite piece of all was this one, a little plate with the image of Mickey standing in front of a fantastic vintage microphone. He looks so confident and self-assured, doesn't he? What a cute little guy.

Now I just need to find the matching cups, teapot, and sugar bowl...


  1. I love the early Mickey Mouse. he looked better and had a better laugh than the newer Mickey.

  2. I'm making a 'catch-up' visit :) This set is a beauty!

  3. I have the matching sugar bowl and one cup (missing the handle) I have tried for so long to find information about them. I'm thinking of listing them on ebay. No idea of value.

  4. I have every thing to set except 3 cups :(

  5. The cups seem particularly difficult to locate: I don't have any at all!

  6. I love collecting Disney here in New Zealand, the older the better. My favs are the early Japan made and painted bisque figurines and these wonderful lustreware ones. I have quite a neat collection, mainly the blue ones and prefer the Donald Duck pieces which seem scarcer than Mick and Min. Postage to our country down under is so expensive for anything that resembles a full I just droll

  7. Hi Kevin!

    I agree with you about, as a kid, I always liked him more than Mickey. Donald was just much more fun; Mickey was such a "square"! Have you seen all the old Fisher Price Donald Duck pull toys on here? Just click on the "donald duck" tag on the right side of the page.

  8. i saw a set on ebay starting bid at $800.00 for a complete set ...i have a complete set perfect condition ...

  9. How much do you think a red set would be worth ,i can find every colour but red,,i think its a full set

  10. How much do you think a red set would be worth ,i can find every colour but red,,i think its a full set