Saturday, December 25, 2010

Antique German Dollhouse General Store

One of my most spectacular Christmas gifts this year was this antique German dollhouse shop, a general store circa 1900, measuring 18 inches wide. It has its original counter, tin cash register, drawers with tin labels (written in English for the American and British markets), floor paper, wallpaper border, and many old products and accessories.

 The shop came with an assortment of antique German-made cakes and pies, including a very appropriate Christmas pudding trimmed with holly:

It was also loaded with lots of old miniature packages; a sampling is shown below. Who wouldn't like a box of Nirvana? I didn't know we could buy such a metaphysical concept, and so neatly packaged too. (Oh, one of my German friends has just informed me this was likely a coffee brand...)

The tin cash register is a wonderful piece. Looks like the shopkeeper is getting ready to ring up a basket of eggs:

Another great old piece is this tiny bird cage, made of pressed and painted tin, with an itty-bitty bird inside:

The shop also came with a wonderful old mop, useful for cleaning up spills from the dry goods drawers...

...and a tin scoop and pan:

My old Clark & Coats Company paper doll seems to fit perfectly behind the counter of this warm and cozy shop:


  1. Be still my beating heart!! I LOVE this!! So many gorgeous little details and the chest of drawers is to die for.

  2. Tracy, back in July (!) you said to let you know if there was anything I'd be interested in - I don't know if you'd be selling this, or if it would be possible to ship it to Australia, but this is probably one of the things I'd be most interested in - I love all the labels in English! and the gorgeous wood and wallpapers :-) Just thought I'd mention it, finally - though if you are selling it, it may well have gone already!

    1. Hi Rebecca! Always so good to hear from you! I hope all is well down there in Australia.
      This shop wasn't one I was planning on selling, but...I will ponder and get back to you. I do have a couple of others for sale right now, but they aren't as old (1930s and 1950s.) Will talk to you soon!