Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa Welcomes You To Toyland

Here's a peek at an antique toy exhibit I just put in at my library for Christmas.
(Sorry the pics are not the best: it was hard to get good images through the glass and around the awkward angles...)

Mounties and sailors and bears...oh my!

An aeronautically themed corner.

Dollies and tea sets have always been great Christmas gift ideas.

I spy a Steiff kitty, Little Orphan Annie, Mickey Mouse, 
and a ray gun...
...and a soldier, a sailor, ninepins, and a dolly.

The Lone Ranger keeps watch over a china head lady doll 
who appears to have fainted.


  1. It's a treasure trove! I bet there are nose imprints at many different levels on that display case. I really like the Steiff kitty.

  2. Yep, I do Nose Imprint Removal Duty each morning with my industrial sized bottle of Windex. (Incidentally, there is a statistical study of museum exhibit popularity called "Noseprints on the Glass." A museum scientist did all sorts of different data gathering, trying to decide on the best way to measure exhibit popularity, and he found that one of the best indicators was, literally, the number of noseprints on the glass. I referenced his paper in my senior thesis in college, when I worked in museums.)

  3. Oh how wonderful! I hope your Santa visits me ;-)

    I love the idea of noseprint statistics!

  4. Yikes!!! I want all of those things for Christmas!
    What a wonderful display Tracy!
    Happy holidays!

  5. Thanks! Glad you're all enjoying it!

  6. I love images of old dolls and toys, so I'll really enjoy following your blog I'm sure. I have a couple of antique porcelain dolls myself, they have something special about them you don't see in most modern dolls. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks Margaret, and welcome!

  8. What a wonderful exhibit Tracy, I can imagine the noseprint count will be very high!

    I'm playing catch-up over here (and I see my good friend Margaret has popped up here recently - how cool!), sorry I haven't been around for a while (haven't been well).

    I wish you a wonderful wonderful Christmas and all the very best for a happy and healthy New Year :)

  9. Hi Norma,

    I've missed you! I hope you are feeling better now? We still have to arrange that cupboard-restoring trip to New Zealand...


  10. How's your mum placed for next week? I'm off over on the 27th...

  11. Sorry, I've got dibs on her for next week. We, I mean, she, has several dollhouse restoration projects to work on...