Friday, December 3, 2010

Kitschmas Decorating

Kitschmastime is in full swing at my place...kitschy holiday decorations from the 1950s and '60s currently cover every available surface. It's my belief that you can't possibly ever have enough of this fabulous stuff...


A funky-looking Santa in his equally funky red house,
under an aluminum tabletop tree.

Is this the Cutest Little Snowman Ever? Yes.

And these are the Cutest-Ever Gnomey/Elfy Guys.

  Glass balls: the latest roofing trend, circa 1950.

A close runner-up for Cutest Snowman Ever 
resides on this vintage package trim.

This little gnome/elf guy has unfortunately been afflicted with Pinecone Body Disorder,
commonly seen in many mid-century Christmas decorations. 
His friend below has the same affliction. 

These two adorable snowperson shoppers may be 
Holt Howard Company products.

The "Yuletide Electrified Santa Chimney House"
features some remarkably colorful packaging.

 This bizarre feature of the "Yuletide Electrified Santa Chimney House" was apparently its big selling point. Unlit, the viewer sees Santa's molded plastic head protruding from the chimney. He looks a bit worried to me, like he's afraid he's stuck. When lit, our worst fears are confirmed: the cellophaned image of Santa in the chimney becomes visible through the cut-out window.


  1. Me too :-)) And I love the little snowman, he's so cute! Gr.Nancy

  2. Charming! Thought of you when I read yesterday about an artist who works in miniature. I posted links and picture on my blog.

  3. Thanks! Glad you are all enjoying these!

  4. how can one not smile at all those xmas vintage goodies! You are right: that IS the cutest snowman ever (big red nosed one)!

  5. and a Tacky New Year! Hee hee hee!