Saturday, December 25, 2010

What Was In Tracy's Stocking?

Stocking stuffers are one of my very favorite Christmas traditions. The sight of a Christmas stocking bulging with mysterious small objects just makes my heart go pitter-patter. As miniature collectors know, very great things indeed can come in small packages, and this year Santa outdid himself.

My stocking held a couple of vintage 1940s MinToy dollhouse miniatures in their original packaging (a set of kitchen knives and a box of silverware); old dollhouse cakes; a 1920s-'30s Austrian-made celluloid dolly in a peanut; part of an antique miniature German teaset; a 1920s-'30s Old Maid card game; and a huge assortment of 1920s and '30s joke boxes. If you were reading the blog back on last April Fool's Day, you'll know that I have a passion for vintage pranks and jokes. I'm going to wait until this April to post the joke boxes properly, but here's everything else:

MinToy was a Chicago based manufacturer of dollhouse miniatures in the 1940s-'50s. Their motto was "The Big House of Little Things," and they made very nice things indeed. This carded set of kitchen utensils measures  4 1/2 inches, while the itty bitty box of silverware is just 2 1/8  inches.

Little dollies in peanut shaped molded cardboard containers were a mini-fad in the 1920s and '30s. This Austrian-made version features a celluloid doll with her original glass baby bottle. The peanut is 4 inches long.

This partial German dolly's tea set just delighted me. I love the colorful stripes, reminiscent of a circus tent. Circa the early 1900s-'20s, the teacups are 1 inch in diameter.

This Old Maid card game dates from the 1920s-'30s. It features fantastic caricature art: click on the photo to see the cards in more detail.

Lastly, a lot of wonderful old dollhouse cakes, dating between 1920-1960. Why all these dollhouse cakes? Because my biggest gift this year was an 1890s German dollhouse pastry shop or confectioner's. It needs a complete restoration, and then these cakes will fill its empty to follow once it's all done!


  1. ooohh.. santa loves you! thanks for sharing all your amazing miniatures, they are fascinating! peanut doll? who would have thought? :) Happy Christmas Tracy!!

  2. Santa outdid himself with this lot of 'stocking stuffers' - you know I'm just swooning over the minis...

  3. Once again, I need to have a talk with Santa about his preferential treatment of you. Especially regarding that peanut doll. Too fun!

  4. Hello Tracy .. I just found your blog today and I am thrilled ! I love to collect vintage toys, vintage holiday items and ESPECIALLY antique dollhouse food. I collect dollhouse food for the very same reason as you - Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Two Bad Mice. Wow ! What a coincidence. I'm looking forward to your future posts !

  5. Hi Lisa, thanks and welcome! You're the first fellow "Tale of Two Bad Mice" fan I've met!

    Glad everyone enjoyed the Christmas posts...Santa (and I) were fiscally irresponsible to an appalling degree this year...

  6. hi any idea who makes that stocking or where i can buy one? i am looking for a 1945 stocking similar to that for my mom who's home just burned down. she had it since she was a baby and i want to find a replacement

    1. Sorry no, but they turn up around the holidays on ebay and in antique stores....try looking on ebay for "vintage christmas stocking" and you should find lots.