Thursday, June 3, 2010

1910 Star Novelty Company Doll Furniture

As part of last weekend's dollhouse rearranging project, I also spent some time working on some larger furniture that is, sadly, homeless. The scale is so big (1 1/2") that it's all sized more for a small doll instead of a dollhouse. The set was made around 1910 by the Star Novelty Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. Fashioned of oak, the pieces feature details like leatherette seats on the chairs, a mirror on the buffet, and dresden-paper like trim on the china cabinet shelf. The tallest piece, the buffet, measures 8 inches tall. Below, an old German doll and 1920s Schuco miniature bear find the set to be just their size.

The dolly is clearly thinking, "how wonderful Tracy is: 
she bought all this just for me!"

Now she's wondering if she can sneak an apple out of the fruit display without it all tumbling down.

Tea for two. Bear hopes there's honey...

"Don't worry: I'll bring the cake over. 
I can just reach it, if I stand on my toes..."


  1. Everythng is fabulous, and great whimsical staging :) Ooooh, that little bear is so cute!!

    Nice to see a few friendly faces from my blog have come over to visit you Tracy :)

  2. Hi Norma,

    Yes, I have you to thank for increasing my little group of followers by a HUGE number! :0) And such nice comments from everyone at your site and here as well... It's nice to know other people are enjoying my toys, too.

    The bear is actually a Schuco perfume bottle bear from the 1920s. His head comes off, and inside his torso is a glass perfume bottle. Flappers carried these in their little handbags. Schuco also made similar miniature bears with liquor flasks (!) and compacts inside. I should do a post on them one day...

    Anyway, thanks again, and glad you're liking everything!

  3. I love the idea of the bear 'hiding' perfume! Yes, please do post some more.

  4. OMG!!! I love your blog Tracy! You have some wonderful old fashioned toys!
    I have a growing collection of wonderful old toys too. Vintage bears, dolls and Fisher Price toys are my favorite items but you're seriously making me want to start a collection of doll house items!
    Check out my blog at: