Monday, June 7, 2010

Antique Miniature Steiff Bear

I got my first antique miniature Steiff bear for my birthday this week. He's 5 inches tall, circa 1910, and has a great face.

For a sense of scale, he here is tucked inside a thermos mug:


  1. He's just gorgeous, so much personality in that cute face :)

  2. What al lovely bear, he is adorable!
    Gr. Nancy

  3. Yep, isn't he great? I LOVE him! After looking for antique Steiff minis with no luck for a long time, I've now found THREE: two of his siblings, in even smaller sizes, are due to arrive soon. They're a 4 inch and 3 1/2 version. The littlest one still has his Steiff button, too. I'll do a group post once they're all here.

  4. He is adorable. I collect the mini steiffs and he has one of the best faces I've seen.