Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dollhouse Decorating

I meant to do some serious spring-cleaning over the past weekend. But I didn't. Instead, I spent several hours rearranging my dollhouses, a very addictive and time-consuming undertaking. Below are some photos of the finished results on my 13 inch 1900s lithographed paper house. (Note: the oversized interior wall and floor papers are original to the house.)

First, I fit out the house in scale, with a nursery upstairs and a kitchen down, using two antique German dollhouse dolls:

Then I redid the house, paying no mind to a sense of realistic scale. I went instead with a folk-arty look, similar to what a child playing with their own dollhouse would achieve, mixing pieces with no heed given to what belongs together. My favorite dollhouse china doll is technically too big for this house, but her dress goes well with the wallpaper and carpets, and I love the way she looks here, like a giantess in her kitchen. Meanwhile, her children, a collection of Frozen Charlottes and china head dollhouse dolls (and one just-a-head), play upstairs, and the dollhouse serves as a sort of display cabinet for them:

Ooops: I just noticed they've knocked the painting off the nursery wall in this second photo. Darn kids...


  1. Oh Tracy I LOVE that little dollhouse!!

    Because I've been having so much trouble with eye strain lately (I thought I'd solve it with new glasses but now getting used to them is a challenge in itself!!) I haven't been commenting anywhere nearly so much as usual. However I always do take a look at the amazing things you show. PLEASE can we see more of your dollhouses??!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm so flattered! (blushing)

    Absolutely, more dollhouses soon, just for you!
    I will try to put up some new photos of my 1890s Dunham's Cocoanut Dollhouse tomorrow, and, next week, the dollhouse I'm getting for my birthday will be featured (I know what it is, because I bought it for myself...)

  3. It's so wonderful to see your finds here. Stop by my blog when you have a minute if you'd like to pick up your Kreativ Blogger Award:


  4. Tracy, I'm sending a Kreativ Blogger award your way:


    Your blog is such a delight to read. You find great stuff!

  5. Hi Linda,

    Thank you so much for the award nomination, and for all the kind words about my finds on your site. It's really gratifying to hear that others enjoy this stuff as much as I do!

    -Tracy :)

  6. Sorry I missed your birthday, Tracy, but it is great to visit you here and see all the creative things you've been up to. Makes me feel downright lazy that I haven't cleaned my 'real house' more less my doll's house, as you've found time to do. Thanks for the Schuco and all the other bear tips. You are a wealth of information!