Sunday, June 13, 2010

Old Folk Art Spring Horse

I found this unusual spring rocking horse while on my birthday antiquing trip this past weekend. The wooden horse is 34 inches tall, and looks to be homemade. The giant spring appears to be from a chair or sofa. He's pretty ingeniously constructed. I'm guessing he's from the 1930s, a Depression-era daddy-made toy.


  1. oh! what a wonderful idea for a minis !!!!!!!!!! thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!
    Caterina, from Italy

  2. Caterina's onto it - a few bits of wood and the spring from a ballpoint pen :)

    It's really charming, my dad made a spring horse for me when I was little but the spring was much sturdier and I was always so afraid of getting my fingers caught in it. The best thing was that if we bounced on it with 'gusto' it would actually move across the room!

  3. Ooooh: I'd love to see the finished mini! Somebody link me up!

    And yes, the spring is scary. I still remember getting both my pinkie fingers simultaneously caught in my own spring horse when I was little. I howled the house down, thought I broke them both. (Didn't, but it sure felt like it!)