Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vintage Boxed Toy Tea Set

Although I don't much like tea in real life, for some reason I love toy tea sets, and am always on the lookout for another one to add to my collection. The dollies and teddy bears just can't get enough tea sets.
My most recent find was this, a very unusual boxed wooden set, circa the 1950s or early '60s. The small box measures just 4 inches wide, and contains a complete set of tiny tea things, along with four legs that, when inserted into the box lid, create a tea table. It's pretty amazing.

The assembled box-table:


  1. How amazing that the box becomes the tea table! If that box is about 4" then the contents must be close to dollhouse scale I'm guessing.

  2. Yep, perfect dollhouse size!

  3. you are missing the table cloth. Iis red and white checked.

    1. Thank you: I will have to hunt for one. I can see how that would finish it nicely.

  4. Good luck looking for one! you would be better off making one. Out of small plad red / white -smaller the better. But good luck all the same Idea old doll dress

  5. I was just given one of these sets it is complete. I can't find any listings as to the value of the set. Do you know where I could find out the value?