Thursday, March 11, 2010

Box 'O Troll Goodies

I almost passed over this little box when I saw it: just a shabby 1960s stationery box that probably held small greeting cards...

but something compelled me to open it, and was I ever glad I did:

Inside were a 1960s troll and her lifetime's accumulation of accessories and clothes (some homemade), all carefully stored in the stationery box 
by their original young owner. 

Packages of outfits and related accessories were sold for trolls during the 1960s craze, and the items seen here (hair curler, telephone, rolling pin and cookbook, shoes, etc.) all came from such sets. 
The tiny "baby troll" was a gumball machine prize. 

Shortly after finding this lot, I came across a matching boy troll, and he happily moved in with the lady troll.
Her 40 years of single-parenthood are now over.


  1. O.K., obviously the 12-step Troll Program is not working for you. Maybe hypnotism? Aversion therapy is unlikely to be effective, otherwise the two-headed trolls would have done the trick (worked for me!)

    P.S. That troll you just bought has cataracts.

  2. Oh,and one more thing before you ban me from your blog...I see that we are only allowed one reaction to these trolls. Either we 'like it' or nothing! What could this mean?

  3. Well, what do you expect?! OF COURSE she has eye problems: she just spent 40+ years sealed in a pitch-black box! She's probably blind now from the sudden exposure to modern fluorescent light. Poor thing...I won't tell her what you said, her feelings would be SO hurt.

    And yes, I'm a biased surveyer.

  4. I, I, I.. I'm speechless!!

    Tracy and her trolls, sounds like a good band name :)

    I'm loving that you are archiving the trolls here.

  5. Thanks! They're such misunderstood and unappreciated creatures (just think of the slander perpetuated against them in so many stories, like the Three Billy Goats Gruff. That poor troll was just defending his property rights against trespassers, as I see it...), so they'll be so happy to hear someone enjoys seeing them!