Friday, March 26, 2010

Viking Troll

The Troll-Finding-Gods have smiled upon me this week! Yesterday I scored one of my most-searched-for 1960s trolls: a hard-to-find Viking. These odd trolls were predominantly sold in Scandinavian gift and souvenir shops. This 7 inch version sports a rabbit fur beard and hair, original felt outfit, and molded helmet and boots. He's marked "John Nissen Denmark" on his back.

He's ready for some looting and pillaging, or perhaps the opera.


  1. There must be a Brunhilda Troll out there to sing duets with.

  2. OK, now I'm starting to get worried, time to think about that 'family intervention' again Christine ;) I'm sorry but this fellow has NO redeeming features what-so-ever LOL

  3. Teddy Troll had better guard his girlfriend.