Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Doublenik Trolls

Doubleniks, the two-headed Wishnik brand trolls, are much sought by troll collectors, and tend to be much disliked by everyone else. ("Please turn those around," my friends say when they visit. "It's like they're watching us...") Strange though they may seem, Doubleniks have strong folkloric roots: multi-headed trolls feature prominently in Scandinavian tales, although their toy counterparts are less frequently seen. Here are my three, or six, depending on how you count them, all made by Uneeda in the 1960s.

This is my favorite, a very high-color example, 
with premium "spiral eyes" and day-glo hair.
A trippy troll! 

These two feature cotton candy and vanilla mint color schemes. 
The girls on the left wear a vintage troll dress.

The Doubleniks at home. It's a bit crowded.


  1. Totally creepy. Pregnant women should avoid even looking at them.

  2. Love them! We were just talking about the movie "The Thing with Two Heads" the other day - and there's a whole squad of them!

  3. I consider myself extremely fortunate to own one. Amazed you have a trio (or is that a sextet?).