Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stuffed Troll Dolls

Two of my favorite trolls are these 11 inch dolls made by Scandia House in 1965. Unique and charming, with friendlier expressions than a lot of vintage trolls, these feature vinyl heads on cuddly stuffed bodies. Relatively hard to find, these two are made even more special by their provenance: they came from the collections of Debra Clark and Pat Peterson, authors of the two classic guides to vintage trolls, the Troll Identification and Price Guide and Collector's Guide to Trolls.


  1. Hi! I have this same "guy" troll doll. Found it this weekend and wondered how valuable it was and where I might post it?

  2. Hi, these are averaging about $50 apiece right now, less for worn or damaged examples, more for minty ones. They're pretty scarce, so you made a great find!

  3. I have this troll tots troll still in box. The box isn't in great condition but will is intact. I'm trying to find its value. It's a bigger sizes will with a blue and white outfit with an elephant at bottom of outfit and looks like 2 rattled at top. It has light pink hair.