Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hi! Trolls

Here are two of the sweetest vintage trolls in my collection. Measuring only 2 inches tall (not counting their hair), they have pins on their backs so you can wear them, and for some reason they have "HI" spelled out in felt letters on their fronts. They're a fashion accessory and a low-tech communication device rolled into one!



Here's one of the Hi! trolls with her friend, Kampy Kiddle, a 1960s Liddle Kiddle doll. They just looked like they belonged together when I got them, and now they're inseparable.


  1. I am stalking your amazing troll collection!!
    did u know i used to collect trolls too?
    I had a rare Viking troll, with red mohair limbs and hair. But never had a double headed troll.. those are awesome!

  2. Hi Peng Peng,

    No, I didn't know you were into trolls! Your Viking troll sounds fabulous...I don't have any of those yet. I DO however have 2 of the "teddy bear troll" that you liked so much: if you'd like one, I'd be very happy to send him your way. Just let me know!