Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vintage Troll Bank

In the wake of all the financial brouhaha of recent months, it's hard to imagine friendly neighborhood bankers back in the 1960s giving out these fantastic 6 1/2 inch troll banks, imported from Denmark and bracelet-tagged with the respective bank's name. But that's just what they did. I think we'd all like bankers a little more if they gave out trolls with every transaction. Perhaps I'll suggest it to the Treasury Secretary...


  1. He's so cute! I've been watching this parade of trolls in your recent posts, I had NO idea that they were such a phenomenon.

  2. fabulous?!
    No, that's a maniacal, money-stealing troll, the kind that roams your house at night and is looming right next to you on the pillow when you wake up in the middle of the night. Besides that, how do you ever get the money out?

  3. You pull their heads off to get the money out, which is why vintage troll banks are often found with splits in the vinyl around their necks. Needless to say, the trolls do not like having their heads removed!

  4. When I was a child, I simply twisted the head and pulled-

    Today I acquired 3 large older trolls ; amongst such large one similar to yours above with yellow shirt, red suspender, red shorts and do you THINK I can yank the head off to find the jewelry, coins inside?NO, of course not !So, how do I get it off?

    Do I set in Florida sun awhile, then twist, turn yank although heat makes things expand-I don't dare put him in the refrigerator as don't want to crack him, either-thanks for letting me know.

    I can hear such inside-need to discover my hidden treasures...

    Today being Sunday, found you through google search when I entered how to open a vintage troll bank --- Our first of many many lightning and thunderstorms today in South Florida, spring is here!

    Incidentally, am adding to other trolls I bought from same person few months ago as they just don't seem to sell anymore, so I thought i'd start collecting again despite I need the more income as am behind in finances- No spam, please... in Southwest Florida where unemployment rate is 17% but is actually quite higher

  5. Hi there,

    Sorry, I don't know what advice to give you on your troll! That seems to be a common problem with them: I have some I can't get the heads off, either. I also have some with very loose, wobbly's one extreme or the other! I think what you want to do is soften the vinyl (perhaps with a little sun or low hair dryer setting) and then see if you can gently pry it off, but there is always the danger of cracking...good luck to you! :)