Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Teddy Troll Got a Girlfriend!

It's strange how things happen sometimes in toy collecting: you can search for a toy for years, and then, after you find it, all of a sudden you see another one, and another one...

I had looked for the rarely seen "Teddy Bear Troll" for about 2 years before I found this one, posted a couple of weeks ago. And just a few days after posting about him, look what turned up: the girl version (you can tell by her stereotypical girly attributes: long hair, bow and heart patch) in minty condition, complete with her original tag! She's the only one I've ever seen with a tag, and so, finally, we know the actual name and maker of this very odd troll. These were called "Neanderthal People" and were made by Timely Toys of Brooklyn, New York in the 1960s. Like the early troll dolls, they were advertised as "good luck" charms, but in reality, they have a rather disturbing appearance...


  1. Please see to it that they use birth control.

  2. Oh Christine....you just made me laugh so hard, some ginger ale came out my nose...

  3. A "lovely" couple, but I do agree with Christine!!!! And I'm glad I'm not drinking ginger ale at the moment...

    I didn't know there were so many trolls in the WHOLE WORLD - do you have some kind of 'troll finding device' Tracy?? ;)

  4. Hi Norma!

    I've just been lucky, I think! There are SO many more kinds of trolls I'm still looking for...it took me a couple of years to find the ones I have so far, and I'm still thrilled when I find a new one. It surprises me how hard it is finding certain old trolls, especially in good condition, considering how many thousands of them were made. Most of my trolls were found on eBay, which isn't my favorite way to antique, but it served its purpose with the trolls. I've only ever found good trolls twice in actual antique stores or at shows, and thank goodness they had their price tags already on, because after witnessing my "happy dance of discovery" at spotting them, the dealers could have named their price!

  5. you should put out a book of Tracy's Trolls!

  6. I too was drinking ginger ale when I read the birth control comment! Needless to say, it nearly came out of my nose XD

  7. Hi Tracy, I recently found a 'Teddy Bear Troll' Its a little different than your pics....It is Red with Black Hair,it has the same facial look... the red cheeks, tongue hanging out, ect...No tag. No vest.
    Can you tell me how much mine might be worth? I just cant find any info on this troll...I can send you a pic if that'll help.
    Thanks for your time, Valerie
    Email - vsantistevan@peoplepc.com

  8. Hi Valerie,

    Sorry, I've never seen a troll like yours, but it sounds like it could be a color variation. I got mine for about $45-60 each.

    1. Hi Tracy,
      re; "Teddy Bear Troll" I am so thankfull for any info that i can get. Thank-You.
      If anyone can help me find any information about my "Teddy Bear Troll" ...Please email me...

      Thanks For Your Help, Valerie